Traditional Ear Wax Cleaning

The traditional ear wax cleaning combines the calming and ear tingling sensation when our therapists massage and clean the customers ears and the ear canals of ear wax. Other people call this sensation autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR where the body is relaxed by the brushing, tapping or hand movements on the ear during the ear cleaning process. In layman terms, hair standing and tingling sensation.

There are people claiming that this helps them to calm down and feel relaxed and some celebrities even claimed that this sensation helped them to cope with anxiety and migraines, helping them to sleep better at night. Some senior folks may remember our neighborhood barbers had this light bulb switched on when customers requested their barbers to “dig” their ears after a haircut.

Our traditional ear wax removing service is done using cleaned and disinfected ear cleaning kits. The kits that we used are one time use or thoroughly cleaned using disinfectants before we use on customers. This is to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of our service.

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(Please consult a doctor if you have any pain or discomfort in your ears and it may not be suitable to come for this service. It may be a sign of medical conditions which a doctor can help you to find out.)

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