Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal

Freezing point hair removal principle is based on pulsating of light with a pulse repetitive frequency and the duty cycle on the hair follicles by raising the temperature to a safe level of 45┬░Celsius. The precise control is achieved by using a solid state laser diode which is measured at 810nm wavelength. This wavelength is a universal safe wavelength in the science of hair removal. The pulsating light will cause hair follicles to lose their growth ability and help users to achieve hair removal objective.

Traditional laser technology uses high temperature burning effect on the hair follicles that may cause discomfort to users. Freezing point technology gentle deactivate and slowed or stopped the growth of hair follicles to achieve defoliation of hair. The whole process is painless and faster than traditional laser method too.

Freezing point hair removal is also much superior way to remove hair by shaving or waxing as it does not irritate the skin as the wavelength only affects the hair follicles. It will not have a significant effect on skin or sweat glands.

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